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Wildlife Packages

Wildlife Packages



            Sandbar willow- Provides excellent browse and cover.

            Siberian Elm- Provides excellent browse and cover. Tolerates being trimmed down, within the                                         reach of deer, to provide new flushes of succulent growth.

            Crabapples- Falling fruit attracts deer, Midwest Crabapple holds its fruit into the winter.

            Pear, McDermand- Falling pear is relished by deer.

            Ponderosa Pine- Plant in tight blocks to provide overhead thermal cover for cold winter days.



            Common Hackberry- Steadily drops it's fruit throughout the winter.

            Caragana- Pheasants can be seen picking at fallen seed throughout the latter part of summer

                              and into early winter.

            Russian Olive- Provides fruit throughout the winter.

            Silverberry- Holds fruit into early winter.

            Crabapple, Midwest- Holds its Fruit into the winter.

            Buffaloberry- Provides cover and holds its fruit into the winter.


Song Bird:


            Common Hackberry

            Amur Chokecherry

            Common Chokecherry

            Nanking Cherry

            Pin Cherry

            Black Cherry


            Mountain Ash

            Mayday Cherry


Festive Orchard Blend:


            Nanking Cherry


            Pin Cherry

            Sand Cherry

            Black Cherry

            Plum, 'Prairie Red' American

            Pear, McDermand

            Golden Currant          

            Riverbank Grape




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